What is QDS?

QDS stands for Quintessential Delivery System. 

We take the best active ingredients from the the best natural sources, and make them available to your cells when and where they’re needed most. After experiencing amazing results, our friends always ask how QDS works. It’s no secret; QDS supports healthy cellular respiration via three important mechanisms.

1.  It supports healthy cellular transport, helping your cells naturally remove debris and toxins that build up as a result of normal aging, environmental exposure, and free radicles.  Cellular transport is a fascinating study on its own.  Nutrients are broken down into useable molecules that have very specific design.  Parts of the molecule can be connected or used to open cellular pathways.  The molecules work their way through the outer membrane, into the parts of the cell where they’re needed.  But along the way, free radicles can cause the molecule to break apart and leave behind unusable bits and pieces.  With time, those pieces can build up inside the cell and disrupt the normal transport mechanisms causing the cellular processes to grind to a halt.  QDS technology helps the body’s natural process of removing the leftover pieces and clear the way for the delivery of fresh nutrients.

2.  QDS works with the body’s natural processes to increase bioavailability. The actives in PYUR Vitality are available from multiple sources in many different forms.  In fact, if you were to purchase the actives that we use in Vitality separately, you’d have to take a lot of pills every day and it would cost significantly more money.  And you wouldn’t get the results you feel with PYUR Vitality.  The reason is that the active molecules in many natural ingredients are not available for your body to use.  They must first be activated by your body’s natural processes before they can do their work.  The process of activation is not very efficient, so a lot of the actives are lost.  This can be partially overcome by increasing the dose, but there’s a limit.  Our team has spent many years researching the natural activation process and have been able to reproduce the optimized results of each active ingredient in PYUR Vitality! 

3.  Once the body has cleaned its cells up and the natural bioavailability has been restored, they’re ready to get to work transforming your natural health.  But there’s just one more thing that needs to happen.  The actives need to get to the right place where they can be delivered and utilized efficiently. PYUR Vitality works with your body’s natural function and processes deliver the key ingredients where they will do the most good.  You will feel the difference!

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