Frequently asked questions

  • What is QDS?

    QDS stands for Quintessential Delivery System. QDS is used to activate and deliver the highest quality active ingredients exactly where they can be used by our cells.

  • What is PYUR Vitality?

    PYUR Vitality is an all-natural health product formulated to give us vitality and natural healing to our aging cells. It's a breakthrough in cellular science.

  • When is the best time to drink PYUR Vitality?

    Most drink PYUR Vitality first thing in the morning but anytime can benefit your cellular health. Drink the entire 2oz. bottle 1-2x per day. Shake well. You can refrigerate if you wish.

    *Please note: If you have blood sugar issues best to take with food.

  • Can I add Vitality to juice or other beverage?


  • Is there caffeine in PYUR Vitality?

    There is 1mg in PYUR Vitality. Coffee is approximately 95mg for 1 cup.

  • Are there any contraindications with my other medications?

    We have not found any contraindications, but we always recommend that you check with your Dr.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Two years. Expiration dates are on bottom of bottle.

  • How should I store PYUR Vitality?

    Do not store in direct sunlight or intense heat. You can refrigerate if you wish.

  • Is it safe to take every day?

    Yes. There are no harmful ingredients in PYUR Vitality.

  • Where is PYUR Vitality manufactured?

    In the USA at a FDA approved lab with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) practices.

  • What are the list of ingredients?

    Our ingredients can be found here.

  • Is PYUR Vitality sold in stores?

    PYUR Vitality is exclusively formulated by and for PYUR Life.

  • What age should you start using PYUR Vitality?

    18 years old.

  • Can I give PYUR Vitality to my pets?

    We formulated PYUR Vitality for human consumption. You can check with your veterinarian if you desire.

  • How does PYUR Vitality impact cellular health?

    Learn how by clicking here.

  • Are there long term benefits?

    Yes. As your cells continue to improve so does your health.

  • Is this an FDA approved product?

    The FDA does not approve any natural products. They only approve pharmaceutical drugs.

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