• Vitality is the most paramount product for your cellular health. You are the sum of your trillions of cells. If you support your cellular health you stay healthy, feel alive and are the pure definition of Vitality. Your cells are searching for support to work together in perfect harmony. Let Vitality be your answer to optimum cellular health. Live an active life and find your fountain of youth!

  • PYUR Vitality™ Works

    Supports healthy mitochondrial activity

  • Cellular Level Empowerment

    Supports a natural healthy cleaning process

  • Restoration, Repair and Rejuvenation

    Promotes healthy stem cell production

  • Natural Production

    Helps promote hormonal balance and homeostasis

  • Build a Healthy Long Life

    Support healthy telomere function.

What are mitochondria?
Power up your cells

Inside each cell is a whole new ecosystem. The machinery of the cell includes protein factories, the energy powerhouse, the command center, and a packaging and distribution center. These cellular parts are collectively called organelles- “little organs” since they resemble our major organs in how they contribute to the whole. The energy powerhouse is the mitochondria. This is the furnace by which life derives cellular energy in the molecular form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Oxygen in the air you breathe is delivered to each cell via your blood along with the nutrients from the foods you eat. Mitochondria are believed to have originally derived from bacteria trapped inside primitive cells. You get yours from your mother’s side of your heritage. When the oxygen and nutrients are efficiently converted to ATP, all goes well. When your diet or poor lifestyle choices negatively affect that energy production, you feel tired, develop brain fog, and dis-ease can set in. If a cell is deprived of oxygen for too long, it either dies or mutates when energy is insufficient. Despite what any expert might say to the contrary, your diet and lifestyle are integral to any and all medical conditions with which one might be afflicted. Pyurlife Vitality delivers the synergistic blend of nutrients to the mitochondria and the other organelles using a patented nano technology.

What are Stem Cells?
Regenerate and Repair

Cells develop into organs and specialized structures. From where do they derive? Initially, all cells are primitive cells with the potential to become any specialized cell. As a baby develops and comes to form in a recognizable embodiment, cells are rapidly multiplying and specializing. Some cells remain unspecialized so that new cell lines can develop or replace damaged cells, even into old age. These remain dormant until a need for healing calls them forth.

Life begins at the moment a sperm and an egg are united. Any other determination is an arbitrary statement. This has nothing to with politics or judicial decisions but is Natural Law. The product of the first many cell divisions as one cell becomes two then four (then billions of cells and ultimately trillions) are stem cells until the environment they find themselves induces their genetic potential to become brain or spleen or bone, etc. As adults, we need stem cells to transform where needed to replace cells damaged by ultraviolet wavelengths of lights, man-made pollution, poor lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking or lacking exercise, injuries, or infectious causes. In basic description, there are only five “things” that get us: genetic things, metabolic things, toxic things, infectious things, or traumatic things. Stem cells, along with our hormones, help us heal from these things. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy stem cell activity.

What are hormones?
Balance and Stabilize

Hormones are proteins produced in glands which are then transported to other areas of the body where it has the effects it is designed to produce. We depend on two hormones for survival: insulin and adrenalin. Other hormones include the sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Thyroid hormone is needed to maintain a healthy metabolism. The king of hormones, though is Human Growth Hormone. Produced in the pituitary gland, the master gland, human growth hormone (HGH) is required by infants and children to grow to maturity. In adults, HGH is needed to heal injuries, support cellular regeneration and maintaining healthy organs and tissues. Somatotropin (another name for HGH) helps one lose body fat, build muscle mass, maintain healthy skin and hair, and supports healthy sexual function. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy HGH activity.

What are telomeres?
Protect your DNA

The cell nucleus contains your DNA, the genetic material that provides the playing field that when put into your environment which acts on your genetics through the biochemistry of epigenetics, makes you, YOU! Every time a cell divides, the DNA must unravel to be duplicated. DNA is found in your chromosomes in your cells’ nuclei. Telomeres are repeating sequences of DNA at the ends of the DNA strands that keep the chromatin from fusing together which would prevent cell replication. Think of the telomere like an aglet on your shoelaces. Every time a cell divides, you can lose a DNA sequence at the telomere. When you run out of aglet, the DNA can come unwound and be destroyed; you die. Telomerase is an enzyme used to repair the telomeres. However, telomerase may not be able to keep up with repairs, especially as we age. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy telomeres and is therefore an excellent antiaging supplement.

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